Keep Track of Team Bookings

Manage your team's calendar with team scheduling software. Analyze your team's productivity and meetings with a centralized admin board. No more follow ups and get detailed reports of your team's meetings.

Workflow Standardization

Don't let double meetings hinder your workflow. Ensure a smooth and efficient sequence of operations in the team with a group scheduling tool. Features like notice period and buffer time with Calrik help the user control the calendar.

Integrate For Better Collaboration

Synchronize your team's tools and calendars with the group meeting scheduler to keep everyone in the loop. Calrik simplifies the team meetings process and keeps the team in the flow.

Team Analytics

Stay updated with the team's invites & appointments with team scheduling software. Track where your team is heading with the detailed analytics reports. Create data-driven business strategies and management to reach your business goals.

Make the Most of Group Scheduling

Organize custom client meetings with one or more team members using round-robin or collective shared methods quickly and easily with a group scheduling tool. No more back-and-forth communication with team members - just a single link is all that you need.

Video Conferencing

Integrate with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, and automatically embed a video link for every meeting created with team scheduling software. Make team members collaborate instantly with their everyday apps.

Power To All

Allow team members to streamline the schedule as per the availability of all members automatically with methods like round robin and collective share. Get meetings scheduled and events organized quickly with Calrik.

Amplify Productivity

Organize team meetings with a group scheduling tool without back-and-forth communication. Utilize working hours smartly by scheduling a calendar to avoid no-shows and missing out on important meetings.

Experience the comprehensive advanced scheduling features of Calrik tailored exclusively for teams!

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