The Calrik Story

A six-word horror story:
“We should set up a meeting”

In our everyday calendar, we ensure our day is productive enough to get our work done. There are umpteen meetings and discussions to be done amidst an extremely busy schedule and endless task list which is always on high priority.

You never realize when you get covered in heaps of back-and-forth emails and umpteen calls just to schedule a meeting. Leaving you with an inefficient day and with a feeling of wasting your time on trivial issues.

This is where you ask yourself:
“Do I have time for the things that really matter?”

Enter Calrik

Calrik is a smart appointment scheduling software for modern business, designed to help you to book meetings hassle-free.

We help you move from

“I dont have time”

“You pick a time”

It is important to organize one's time efficiently.
That is exactly what Calrik helps you with.

We provide solutions you didn't know you needed to realize your calendar's full potential and to bring a dramatic impact on your work-life balance.

With our cutting-edge technology and implementing it to better use for the world to bring change in people's lives.

Imagine a world where

no one missed
their commitments.

coordinating took
much less effort.

there is no time
management stress.

With Calrik, you can bring your imagination to reality.

It's time to make good things happen.

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