Why Recruiting Teams use Calrik

A Better Candidate Experience

Calrik makes it easy for candidates to quickly and easily self-schedule interviews with the best suitable time for both. The interview scheduler cuts off back-and-forth simplifying the interview booking process.

Evaluate and Filter Candidates

Ask custom questions and let candidates attach resume files on the scheduling page before the interview for assessment. The interview scheduling tool makes the recruitment process paperless and helps.

Timezone Friendly

Calrik offers automatic timezone detection that displays time slots as per the selected timezone. Interview scheduling software helps recruitment scheduling easy, fast, and convenient with automated timezone detection.

Categorize Meetings

Set 1-1 meetings, panel interviews, and departmental meetings for a fast recruitment process. The interview scheduler helps categorize the interview schedules to curb miscommunication and appointment conflicts.

Reduce No-shows

Ensure candidates don't miss out on the interview with automated reminders and notifications to curb no-shows with Calrik's automated scheduling process.

Analyse The Activity

Keep a record of all your interviews to assess the recruitment process. Increase productivity with data-driven strategies to meet the best talent easier and quicker.


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