Custom Branding

Create brand awareness using a meeting scheduling tool. Add a logo, profile photo, and a personalized intro ensuring your calendar fits in with your corporate identity.

Check Availability Anytime

Prioritize your availability as well as the convenience of the invitee. With online appointment scheduling invitees can select the time most suitable for them as per your availability making it a win-win situation for the host and invitee.

Invitee Questions

Save your time and get to the point of the meeting as the host can request to get key and basic information about the invitee before the meeting with the online scheduler.

Meeting Agenda

A predefined meeting agenda helps you get well-prepared and lead the meeting the way you want to. Calrik allows invitees to receive prior meeting details from the host with brief messages and instructions with a glimpse of what is to be expected in the meeting.

File Attachment

Save your time and effort with direct file uploads as you don't need to send back-and-forth emails for document sharing. With appointment scheduling software you can upload the required files and images directly without making extra efforts to share or carry documents.

Automated Email Reminders

Minimize no-shows and last-minute rush for the meetings. Calrik as an appointment scheduling software facilitates automated email reminders to notify the host and invitee about the scheduled meetings with complete details.

Integrated Calendar

Don't want to miss out on important meetings? Just integrate your calendar with Calrik. The scheduled meetings will be reflected in the calendar of the invitee when it gets integrated with an online meeting scheduler.

Time Saver

Online meeting scheduling is time-saving for invitees as they don't need to make to-and-fro communication for booking confirmation. Also, invitees can book the meetings with just a few clicks making it scheduling process seamless.

24*7 Availability

Want to book a meeting? You are just a few clicks away. With Calrik invitees can schedule or book a meeting anytime and from anywhere. Invitees can check host's availability outside of office hours too!

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