Custom Branding

Give your invitee a feel of your brand by adding a logo, profile photo, and a personalized intro, making sure your calendar fits in with your corporate identity.

Verify Availability

Invitees can integrate their calendar with Calrik and book an appointment according to their availability.

Invitee Questions

Add questions while sending scheduling requests to get key information about the invitee before the meeting.

Meeting Agenda

Share with the invitees a predefined agenda to give a glimpse of what is to be expected in the meeting.

File Attachment

Attach files for referential purposes while scheduling a meeting with the host.

Automated Email Reminders

Schedule automated email reminders and notifications to send invites before or after the meeting to give a personalized touch and minimize no-shows.

Add Invite to their favorite Calendar

Invitees can reflect the appointment scheduled with Calrik to reflect on their calendar with just a click.

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