Booking Page

Time to be in charge of your schedule.

With Booking Page, only your available time slots are shown to invitees, let them pick a time & book a meeting with you. You are in complete control of your calendar, the number of bookings, and the meeting duration.

Online Scheduling

Calrik can help you schedule meetings with individuals, groups, and teams from our web & mobile app.
You can keep a tab of your bookings and also customize meetings as required.


Segregate your Meetings according to your various engagement types with your invitees.

Along with the default categories listed, feel free to create your custom categories in line with your industry terms.

Scheduling Links

Schedule an appointment straight away with your invitee by sending them an invite directly.

Outbound Meeting Invitation

Sharing your real-time availability with your invitees in the form of scheduling links as an email or direct messages proves to be an efficient way to self-book appointments.

Calendar Sync

Sync Calrik with unlimited calendars from Google, iCloud, and Office 365 and prevent duplicate bookings.

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