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Bid Adieu To Meeting Scheduling Burden

Calrik helps you simplify the meeting scheduling process without back-and-forth communication. From confirmations to cancellations to appointment inquiries - do everything using online meeting scheduling tools.

Command Your Schedule And Calendar

Using Calrik as an appointment scheduling tool lets you have control over your calendar, schedule, and choice of meeting. Share invites with those whom you want to meet at your time. Create a customized calendar with specific time slots as per your availability that too with a predefined duration.


Manage Appointments With Multiple Templates

Want to manage a complex meeting schedule with ease? Calrik is a free meeting scheduler that allows users to create multiple templates for different types with specific duration, and availability. Just create it once and use it whenever needed.

No More Overlapping Meetings

Calrik being your online appointment scheduling tool helps you in curbing appointment conflicts. Booked time slots won’t get displayed to the meeting host as well as the invitee. Just check the list of scheduled meetings on Calrik’s dashboard and streamline your appointments.


Streamline Your Worklife Balance

Who would like to receive a meeting call during family time or vacation? With this online appointment scheduler, you can exclude the date from your calendar if you are not available without any prior call, SMS, or email. You don’t need to be in your office to schedule the meetings - do it from anywhere and anytime.

Increased Productivity

Use Calrik as your appointment scheduling software to streamline the meetings as well as the workflow. Pre-scheduled meetings, a simplified scheduling process, and accurate time management help you make the best use of your working hours.


Customized Plans - Just For You

To make the benefits and advantages of Calrik reach maximum users we are offering multiple customized plans. We offer plans ranging from Free Forever to enterprise-level paid plans that multiple users with advanced features for smooth and hassle-free scheduling can use.

Advanced Features For Seamless Scheduling


Optimize real-time availability with predefined time slots and duration for meetings. Let invitees schedule and book appointments automatically with an online appointment scheduler.

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Choose Your Availability

Increase your productivity and streamline your working hours by providing your pre-planned availability so that you can manage your precious time in the right way.

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Custom Branding

Give your invitee a personalized touch while scheduling a meeting with comfort and ease. Create brand awareness along with a simplified scheduling process with Calrik.

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Multiple Integration

Integrate your favorite tools to enjoy a seamless meeting scheduling experience. From calendars to video conferencing platforms to CRMs- integrate and experience the best online scheduling tool.

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Reporting and Analytics

Optimize your business strategies & align your team’s KPIs with our real-time analytics. Track how you are investing your time and enhance productivity with proper streamlining.

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Wherever and Whenever

With an online meeting scheduling tool, you can fix your meeting anytime and from anywhere. Just send or click the Calrik’s meeting scheduling link and your meeting is fixed!

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Connect with the everyday tools you trust

Calrik offers you the luxury to go limitless. Integrate multiple calendars, video conferencing tools, CRM platforms, and more with meeting scheduling tools to streamline your appointments.

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Connect 5000+ more apps
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This Is Why You Need Us

Easy to Use

A go-to tool for scheduling meetings, Calrik is excellent for individual professionals & organizations who actively schedule appointments with their leads, making life a lot easier.

In-Depth Analytics

Collect required data and turn it into actionable insights to help your organization be more productive and align your business goals accordingly.

Super Time Saver

An efficient automated appointment scheduling tool that is accurate & fast to schedule meetings in a few clicks, helps cut down on time-consuming activities.

Multiple Integrations

Integrate Calrik with your favorite tools to schedule meetings smoothly & expand your system’s functionality by utilizing our built-in integrations as well as Zapier integrations.

Better Prospect Experience

Move over the conventional way of scheduling meetings. Calrik lets your prospects schedule a meeting without any hassle giving a cooperative experience.

Value For Money

With competitive pricing and good value for money for the given functionalities, Calrik is an ideal tool to fulfill your business needs as its cost correlates with the time and effort it saves.

We Help Professionals Push Their Limits

Make Every Prospect Count.

Make every client feel special. Use an appointment scheduling tool to avoid appointment conflicts and increase sales.

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Hire More, Worry Less.

Simplify the interview scheduling cycle, with reduced costs, and get connected to top talents experiencing a seamless recruitment process.

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Multiple Clients?
Single Solution.

Manage multiple clients effortlessly using the meeting scheduling tool. Plan meetings with minimal communication and enhance productivity.

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Centralized Platform For Students, Faculties, and Administration.

Connect students, faculties, and staff using an online appointment scheduler. Online exams to PTM to live sessions- accomplish everything.

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Customer Reviews


Calrik is the best tool when it comes to saving time and it has made scheduling so easy, I could not have asked for more.

- Garcia M.


Thanks to Calrik, our sales team has surpassed their client meeting targets in a very short time - improving our team's efficiency with managing everyone's availability.

- Samuel P.


I love the fact that Calrik has helped me schedule meetings and manage my calendar so smoothly, and now that I see my daily schedule, I realize the amount of time it saves for me. Now I can utilize my day more productively like never before.

- Claire J.

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